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Welcome! I’m Miguelo Delgado, guitarist and composer from Seville, Spain. In this space you can find information about my projects and music. Take a moment, sit back, and enjoy. Cheers!


Miguelo Delgado

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After spending many years in different groups and formations, I felt it was time to devote myself to a more personal project: to capture with music the thoughts and feelings I have every day.

And so I set out to make an album of jazz, the music that turned my life around and showed me exactly what I wanted to be doing, and what I wanted to dedicate my life to.

On this album I am accompanied by Álvaro Gandul on the keyboards and Juan de la Oliva on drums, incredible musicians and incredible people who understand music in a very profound and human way.

“Ritmo&cambio” (“rhythm&change”) is a small nod to jazz and life, never stopping, always moving, requiring improvisation in every moment at every turn.

You can’t think you’ve got the answers tucked away in a box somewhere, in the same way you can’t play knowing what’s about to happen, or even less trying to predict it... this is why I’ve always loved to record live. Concentration to the max, knowing glances, and giving the best of yourself, all in the service of music. The energies, the intentions, everything combines to create one final result, a sum greater than its parts.

You can also listen this album on Spotify:

Here you have one of the takes of the track “ritmo&cambio” (“rhythm&change”) that took place during the recording of the trio’s album, of the same name, in June 2013. This take remains unedited as it was not chosen for the final cut.

A shortened version of “lo que pienso de ti” (“what I think of you”), filmed during the June 2013 recording of the album ritmo&cambio. The intro and solos were both condensed to adapt to video.

In this one we have a brief presentation of the second song on the album, “di mare” (“from the sea”). There are no solos in this version. After a quick introduction, we set the melody and then lower the intensity to showcase the talent of Juan de la Oliva.


Born in Seville, Spain in 1980, Miguelo began his musical journey at just 11 years of age after feeling a strong attraction towards the guitar and towards music in general. A few years later he would form a rock group with his friends called “soab!” that would later turn into funk and fusion with a great predilection for jazz.

It was during this time that he began to receive classes from Sevillan guitarist Fran Mazuelos, from whom he received extensive training and guidance at a technical and creative level. He went on to attend different workshops and jazz seminars given by such masters as John Scofield, Philip Catherine, Bill Frisell, Jordy Rossy, Paul Gill, Miquel Casany, Jim Snidero, Israel Sandoval, and Miguel Vargas, among others, and continued to push his growing expertise by creating and joining different groups within the city, often mixing his penchant for jazz with electric, hip-hop, funk, and rock beats.

Always very centered on composition and the creation of music, in 2012 Miguelo decided to take his career in a new direction and begin working on solo projects of his own material. “Miguelo Delgado Solo” was soon born, giving free reign to his creativity and inspiration at the exclusive hands of his guitar. He also began to lead the “Miguelo Delgado Trio,” where the most jazzy parts of his compositions are able to come through. He debuted said project at Seville’s Teatro Central in November of 2013, where he also played alongside American drumming legend John Blackwell (Prince, Justin Timberlake) and German percussionist Benny Greb during their appearance at the international drum and percussion festival, Drumfest 2013.


TRECE is a trio that is constantly exploring new ways of experiencing music, using musical languages as diverse as jazz, flamenco, funk, latin, and rock to come up with something that is always new and original.

With a unique formation (electric guitar, bass, and percussion), TRECE was born in November of 2008 as a way for its members (Miguelo Delgado, Jorge Cordero, and Juanito Makandé) to experiment with complex and risky arrangements, while also finding their own individual sounds and styles full of vitality, expressiveness, and precision.

By confronting their diverse influences (which range from Weather Report, Medeski Martin & Wood, and the Bad Plus, to Tortoise and figures like Chano Domínguez, Richard Bona, Marcus Miller, and Pat Metheny), and pooling together their collective creative and interpretive strategies, the musicians of TRECE manage to achieve an intersection between the ever-shifting nature of improvisation and the search for new melodic structures with the richness of traditional, handed-down rhythms of flamenco and the music of the south.

Recording in Sputnik Studios with Eduardo Ruiz.

Trece with the collaboration of Ale Romero on piano and Carlos Merino on percussion.

Other projects

Accompanying John Blackwell (Prince, Justin Timberlake)

Ana hata & Miguelo Delgado:


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